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We have come to a stage where Speed, Accuracy, Domain Expertise and precision in decision making are the key advantages for a successful Organization to move ahead in these prevailing market conditions. As computing, Internet and software solutions are being rampantly used by many core areas like Banking, Taxation so to say in pretty much every sector has made us rethink and lenient towards automating our business processes. That is precisely the reason for which you need the help of a sophisticated, comprehensive, and at the same time economically viable software solution for your company.

We at Hiworth Solutions, through our years of research and hard work, developed an exclusive ERP software to manage activities of a business entity under the banner of HOST ERP, (Hiworth Operational Software Tools). A very user friendly but substantially superior quality management tool to manage the daily activities of a burgeoning activity drove multi-faced Organization.

HOST consists of fourteen modules, including Intra house messaging, Office Management, Project Management, Activity Reporting, Accounting, Purchases, Finance, Stores, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Planning after Tender received, and more. Many of the Modules have a pipeline process involved, for example, the Purchase of an Item for the organization or the process of planning soon after the awarding of a project or the sanctioning of leave of an employee has to go through a specific, a pre-defined set of procedures. Tracking employees and managing them has never been so easy as you can experience with our software. Transfer of employees between sites, their wages, insurance and ESI, PF, canteen attendance and deductions, pay hikes, dismissal or resignations come under the HR module, and are all now integrated into this one single package.

Reports are a critical part of the Management information system. In HOST we have reports for most of the modules, just to view, or ready for print. They can be filtered for any particular dates or some particular condition to be met while displaying the report. Another advantage of having a report is that the management would be able to have full control over the system. Finding accurate Information or status of an ongoing Project, finding out budget allocation, utilization of allocation, etc. are at a click away.

The Accounting Module is integrated with the system in such a way that any money matter, however small the amount, can be accounted for. Cash transactions, Next day settlement, Advances all are systematically accounted for to fill any gap which may arise in physical day-to-day operations.

Purchase and warehousing are itself is a core area where mandatory checks and balances are to be maintained. The Central Purchase department plays a key role in managing and coordinating site purchases, stock maintenance, warehouse dispersals, logistics etc. But Key approvals are mandated from higher authorities to avoid spilling over or mistakes.

Pretty every aspect of a business Entity is well defined and carefully brought into this Software and thus is well accepted by our Clients. Ease of operation and customization is an important aspect of our Software. We are very happy to state that our Software is being used by many Clients from Small business house to Large Organizations for the last 4 to 5 years since its launching.

Client Testimonials

Hiworth Software team is good and the software addresses all my departments. Staff adaptability was my main concern but continuous training and support received from Hiworth enabled the full implementation. This is worth installing as it covers almost all the needs. Decades of manual operation are replaced by the software and it improved our efficiency.

Thoppil Group of Companies

We have been using Hiworth software for almost 4 Years now. We are very happy and had no issues so far. Food to work with Hiworth as they give excellent support also.

Vellapallil brothers

We are using Hiworth HOST software for more than 2 years. We have high regard to it and it address all our requirements. We are personally using it and also monitoring the activities through this software. Good software for a construction company to address their operations.


I have taken the software as a recommendation from Begorra Infra. They have made changes to suit my kind of business such as construction of buildings. I personally studied it and received training from Hiworth. I am happy with the product.


We are very happy to use HOST software as they have custom made our requirements and we have started getting used to it. So far an excellent software to deal with. All my staff using the software is giving a very positive feedback.


I was advocating for Software to enhance the quality of our operations especially ours being an ISO certified company. I am proud that my recommendations of inviting Hiworth borne fruit as they have succeeded in all the challenges we have thrown at them in terms of our intricate large scale and multi faced operations. It is a product to rate as good by any standard as I am involved in such projects for decades together.

George Mathew

We are using HOST software from Hiworth for more than an Year now and we have proposed this software for 2 of our known contracting companies also. We recommend this software as useful and good.


It is very useful for me as the tasks allotment and its completion are monitored on a time bound manner. Hiworth gives good support for all our requests and requirements.


We had a unique requirement at our hand such as the day to day task management covering all departments as our staff are spread out at different branches. We have joined hands with Hiworth to develop a software to handle the tasks and also to rate the good performers. We have been using the software for more than 2 years and we are happy to tell that they addressed all our requirements and we are happy to use the software. The efficiency improved as our operations have received an automated system.

Prime Architects & Builders

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