The Hotel Management System


Hiworth ERP, developed by our team is evolved as the most trusted and user friendly application for end users. Simple at the same time Elegant is handy even for those who are not even very technically sound but basic level data entry operators. Hiworth ERP takes care of all departmental needs of a business unit. HMS is a simple, user friendly software which could be used online or offline on all devices and smart phones. All user inputs with HMS will automatically be registered in your inventory management and accounting modules making it as an integrated well-knit system. The software will keep track of guest database, room reservations, cancellations, check-ins,out’s, and room services automatically.

The software takes care of all Inventories, Restaurant management and integrates it to Accounts flawlessly. Weekly shift scheduling of employees, HR management are also part of this well-organized software. Various report generation is handy for all management related functionalities and thus making our HMS system the most sought after software available at the moment in the industry.




Hotel Management Sytem’s Guests data is stored securely by assigning unique guest ID which stores Guest’s name, gender, age, Mobile number, room number, address, Rent paid, Total rent, Amenities, Restaurant Bill etc…



All the relevant data stored with Guest ID, Rent, Payment Date, Cheque /Cash, Cheque Number, Issuing Bank, Meal Payment, etc. are integrated to the accounting module and thus making it as a comprehensive reservation management software.



Room reservation and management is done online and offline through this software and is accessible from multiple fronts. Room categories, Guest ID, Room issued, Room No, date of entry (into system), Rent charges are all added and works as a fine tuned system. The software takes care of Accounting & Inventory management with ease and track movement of goods in multiple warehouses and integrates it to the relevant modules.



Our Hotel Management System deals with cleaning and all ancillary service attached to housekeeping department. Maintaining and servicing the rooms and stock management are well integrated here for ease of operation. Daily cleaning services data, inspection data, status updating after inspection are all some of the features of this system. Our HMS is the best Affordable HMS Software out there.



Management of inventory is an essential part of any operation. Transactions are automated and integrated to related modules for accounting purposes and a smooth work flow is maintained throughout the system. Manage your stock movements and get complete traceability on all operations with our inventory maintenance system and thus save your process time and waste.



Full-fledged restaurant management software works same as Point of Sale functionality for ease of operations. Print a receipt in advance before the order is being placed and paid. Split an order into different orders by using Bill Splitting function, Print Kitchen Orders and send updates to kitchen or bar printers through our software.



A fast and modern user interface is the main feature our software which will reduce data entry and gives accurate results. Automated invoicing, bank statements, follow up for payments, etc are efficiently managed with our Accounting module which is well integrated and connected to all modules of the software.



Hiworth Solution’s HR Management Software has got HR management stores Name, ID, Age, Attendance, Category, Salary, Service History, address, phone number, nature or duty of Work. The system make performance related charts for each category based on attendance of each staff.