A similar question was asked One day by the Owner of a construction company. They have multiple projects and wanted the software to handle the administration as well as the daily activities of the company. They have qualified staff but their knowledge is limited to their domain only. They have multiple site offices, multiple stores and labour forces from different States. Site offices used to handle the daily wages, spot buying of emergency items and hiring vehicles locally. So managing all these activities and centrally monitoring was difficult due to delays and lack of proper reporting. But the main question lingering was the possibility of knowledgeable staff to handle the software especially staff from site offices.

Challenges bring out solutions too. We have had many rounds of discussions and interactions and finally decided to draw out a plan, simultaneously we engaged with Industry veterans for studying the processes involved in their respective domains. We have built a simple software with 3 modules initially, Purchase, stores and Accounts. We have started giving training at their central office staff and then moved on to train the site office people. We also engaged in simplifying the data entry process as per their feedback also. But there was a challenge again. Every office has it’s own style of functions and operations. We have addressed this by customization of the modules for each client. Ease of operation and training is the key for implementation of software. The Software eventually made their life easy by negating errors, mistakes and at the same time brought more accountability to their respective roles.

The Client had a unique problem at their dispensation again which is the payroll management which is a cumbersome act every month for their staff. Basic pay and benefits varies from categories, Skill sets Minimum 3 category of Labour force and then other staff also. Now another major requirement was the settling of petty cash at the sites, local purchases, etc. We went back collecting all the specifics and started adding features to address their demands. We have successfully implemented these features to their complete satisfaction. We then decided to develop this package to address the needs of big multi Crore projects where functions and transactions are manifold.

We understood the need of a fleet and logistics management module as big companies have 100’s of vehicles. So we have added a module with features to successfully manage an entire logistic department. From diesel entries to tires, services, renewals, etc are easily managed through one single module. We have now added 14 modules including an excellent HR & Payroll management to this package making it a complete professional tool addressing all aspects of a multi faceted Organization.

Every aspect of today’s businesses are software driven. Efficiency and success are achieved only through systematic processes. A software can help in a big way to achieve greater efficiency and can improve productivity of offices. We have successfully empowered a dozen Road and Building construction companies and are very proud to receive very positive feedback for our efforts. Indigenously built Software, HOST, uses Open Source Software and needs no licensing or any other intricacies. We use VPS, dedicated hosting services to avoid breaches and thus made this as a universally a an acceptable product. HOST, Hiworth Operational Software Tool has introduced Resort & Hotel management, POS management, Higher Education management and Office management software to the market and is being successfully used by many.

We are inviting you to take a look at this Software and eventually use to it your advantage and thus power your business processes. An automating tool built by inputs from local industries will take you a long way and we are very happy to provide the necessary custom changes to suit your specific needs also. Join hands together for a trouble free tomorrow.