Higher Education Software

Education and College Management software from HOST family is an advanced and comprehensive software covering the entire spectrum of higher education management. We have knit out the workflow carefully to address and manage the activities right from student enrolment, educational programs, and all the management functions of an entire institution. It covers the data of Employees, Students, and Parents of the institution. Books & Library records, Admission process, assignments, exams, results, and reports are all part of the Academic section of our software. Events, Transport, Attendance, Timetable, Fees, Reports are comprehensively managed by the Administrative section. This one-point access helps to manage a wide range of activities effectively and hence enhance the efficiency of the overall system.

HOST HES Modules

  • Student Information
  • Admission Management
  • Academic Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Library
  • Transportation
  • Accounting
  • Payroll & HR
  • Purchase Module
  • Fleet Management Module

Features of HOST HES

  • User-friendly control panel with the unlimited login access
  • Manage Admission Procedure
  • Student Details like contacts, Medical, Academics are collected
  • Teacher/Parents Details collected
  • Allows Teachers to Create and Assign Assignments to Students
  • Conduct Exams, Exam Results, and prepare Progress/Report Cards of Students through this software
  • Manage Transportation System
  • Manage Various Events in School/Colleges
  • Create Timetable
  • Keep Record of Daily Attendance
  • Generate Reports like Identity Cards, Timetable, Transport Route Details, Event Details, etc
  • Manage Fee

HOST (Higher Education Software)

We have built this Higher Education Software ( HOST HES) considering all the major requirements of a full-fledged Institution. We can add additional provisions to make it a custom-built software for specific types of Institutions also.